We provide bespoke support to organisations developing their strategic direction at times of great change:

  • Strategic development: we can work with you to develop the strategic direction of your organisation, or to design and implement strategies to improve outcomes for identified communities.  We have enormous experience at national, regional and local level, and have supported and developed a wide array of multi-agency strategies, policies, national non-statutory guidance and supporting tools and business plans.
  • Practical implementation: we use a wide range of approaches, working alongside organisations, to support real change on the ground.  These may include rapid improvement events, action learning sets, mentoring, stakeholder consultation, facilitation of strategic discussions within and between organisations, training, facilitation and Outcomes Based Accountability™ approaches.  We can also project manage the implementation of a strategy, or simply provide a framework for your own people to work within.
  • Coaching or mentoring for developing strategic thinking skills: we work with leaders and managers to get clear about the outcomes, or results, they want, based on local priorities and need.  We support them to work through the challenges of implementation to achieve local practical solutions – getting from talk to action.