Measuring Impact

Robust evidence of the difference services are actually making is vital for both commissioners and providers. Commissioners need to know that what is commissioned works and at what cost, and voluntary sector providers and charities increasingly need to evidence upfront their effectiveness and communicate the value they bring to society.

We provide support to commissioners designing outcomes focused specifications and performance monitoring arrangements, and to service providers designing approaches to measuring the impact and outcomes of their services.

Our support includes:

  • Clarifying with funders and commissioners the intended outcomes of their commissioning and designing performance monitoring arrangements that will measure how well these are being achieved.
  • Developing Outcomes Frameworks.
  • Using Outcomes Based Accountability™  approaches to measure the contribution services are making to intended outcomes for communities.
  • Designing approaches and systems for measuring impact.
  • Taking an organisation through an SROI analysis.
  • Service evaluations to identify the cost benefit and impact on outcomes for service users.
  • Workshops and training in a range of  approaches to impact measurement.
  • Developing common impact measurement frameworks across organisations working to similar ends, such as effective parenting, to create a currency that allows charities and funders to compare the impact of different approaches and coordinate the measurement of results.
  • Support to undertake a cost benefit analysis: identifying the (unit) cost of delivering a specified outcome to a specified quality, and the whole life value of the outcome itself.
  • Developing approaches to outcomes based contracting, or payment by results – we are working with commissioners and service providers to implement effective approaches here. We believe some of the key challenges around attaching payments to improved outcomes are:
    •   common agreement of accurate outcome metrics
    •   measuring outcomes where benefits take many years to be confirmed.

Read more about Payment by Results and Early Intervention.

A clear understanding of both the financial and social value of the outcomes created by our efforts will enable us to:

  • evidence the return on investment in terms of whole life costs avoided
  • improve the effectiveness of public spending by focusing activity on those outcomes which are most valued
  • be clear about what we are prepared to spend to deliver them
  • focus cuts in areas of unproductive spend, and invest in interventions demonstrating maximum cost benefit