In all that we do, we seek to inspire people to develop outcomes based ways of working, and to cultivate outcomes based organisations. If we want to transform organisations and communities we need to start with the outcomes we are seeking and work backwards. A clear vision gives an organisation its identity, its purpose and its inspiration.

We support organisations and strategic partnerships to develop new ways of working and to focus together on how best to improve the well being of local communities, moving from measuring activity to the difference it makes.

We work with organisations to:

  • Develop strategic thinking focused on intended outcomes and support them to see that thinking through to reality – getting from talk to action. We use a range of frameworks and tools for strategic planning, including OBA™ approaches to achieve local practical solutions. We help commissioners to get clear about the outcomes, or results, they want, based on local priorities and needs. And we help to plan for implementation and develop outcome based performance management arrangements. Read our blog on the value of outcomes.
  • Measure and communicate the impact their services are actually having on the life chances of those who use them. Robust evidence of the difference services are actually making is vital for both commissioners and providers. Commissioners need to know that what is commissioned works and at what cost. Organisations who provide services increasingly need to demonstrate impact in terms of improved outcomes for users, and to be able to evidence and communicate those results. Read more about Measuring Impact.